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Personal Injury Testimonials From Our Clients

You can learn more about an attorney before you hire someone to represent you in a personal injury case. Here, you can find out what clients who have used the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz P.C. say about their experiences.

My case was dragging along very slowly when my initial attorney decided it was time he moved on, but I do thank his firm for finding and introducing me to Jason Schultz. 

Deep down after 5 years of paperwork back and forth with the federal government you can loose interest but from the day I met with Jason his demeanor renewed my spirit and I honestly felt my case had hope again. 
Jason may be far away for someone located in the northern counties of Metro Atlanta but it is worth the ride. I only had to do one visit with all my documents hence forth all other communications were through email and phone. He has a very pleasant paralegal - Michelle, who will contact you if he is unavailable at that moment. 

He is very detailed and instrumental in preparing you for trial, which for my case never was necessary. He has great negotiating skills and that is a plus when it comes to getting a settlement instead of going to trial. He allows you to make the final decision with all the clear facts presented for you to understand. He is very good when it comes to timeline and when to expect replies from the other party. 
Finally his mannerism shows his sincerity in providing client's with his honest expert opinion.

Christine Baker

It was great working with you yesterday during our mediation together. I thought you had a very nice client, but I thought you made some pretty savvy moves, beginning with your opening, that really helped add value to your case, beyond that of your client's overall favorable impression. I thought it was a wise move to admit to the prior injuries and conditions, like your client's carpal tunnel syndrome. As it turned out, you stole some of the defense's wind from their sails and added a lot of credibility to your presentation and your argument. I suspect that's why you were able to negotiate a settlement $20,000 north of the $100,000 mark. 

I'm telling you now that I'm going to be stealing that tactic from you when I mediate my own personal injury cases. 

I am glad that your client was happy and I hope she realizes you did some good work for her yesterday. 

I look forward to working with you again the next time you need to get one of your cases settled. For what it's worth, I've had quite a few cases where the parties agree to mediate relatively early on in the discovery process. While you can't ensure that you'll get good faith effort like you did with [insurance company lawyer], I find more and more that defendants are willing to do it early on and with great successes for both sides.

Greg Parent, Esq., Miles Mediation

Jason Schultz is definitely the attorney to call if you are involved in a Personal Injury situation. Through no fault of mine, a car accident left me with a shattered wrist that required surgery. My 21 year old son kept telling me to hire an attorney and I resisted at first. My son did some research on websites and found nothing but great reviews about Jason. When the calls from the insurance companies seemed never ending, I decided to give Jason a call.  I met with Jason, as well as other attorneys, but I had such a great comfort level with Jason that I knew he was exactly the person I wanted representing me.

Once he took over for me, the calls from the insurance companies stopped and I was able to focus on the important thing - working on my physical therapy and getting on with my life. If I had any questions or concerns, Jason or his paralegal, Michelle answered them immediately. Jason is a true professional and always had my best interests at heart. He didn't allow the insurance companies to drag things out and all was resolved within a year.

I usually do not post reviews, but it was reviews that brought me to Jason. The only regret I have is that I waited 3 weeks to hire him. Working with Jason Schultz made a horrible situation bearable. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Theresa Dixon
Buford, Georgia

Theresa Dixon

Jason Schultz is an AWESOME ATTORNEY !!! I was involved in a rear end accident where my car didn't have alot of damage.  I sprained my thumb and wrist and had a pinched nerve.  My doctor bills were around $12,000 and the insurance company was only offering a $4,000 settlement, but Jason being a GREAT Attorney settled my case for $25,000.  He also got my medical bills reduced to maximize the money I recieved.  He always puts his client's best interests first. I highly recommend Jason Schultz PC for Auto Accident Cases.  If you need a great attorney, call Jason Schultz.



Donna Worley

Kennesaw, Georgia

Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude I feel toward you and Michelle for all of the wonderful work you put in to my case.  Not once throughout this trying process did I ever feel like "just another client"; all of your attention and efforts always felt personalized and heartfelt.  I think some people have stereotypical ideas of what a lawyer is like (or what they're supposed to be like), but from the moment I first talked to you until the very end, I felt like you truly cared, and in my mind, you set the new standard for all the things a lawyer should be.

With everything that I had to endure (the pain I was in, physical therapy, awful doctor's appointments with a guy who couldn't care less about me, work problems, HR issues, everything you can possibly think of), you were the one beacon of hope.  I know that sounds so silly, cheesy, and over the top, but it's the absolute truth.  I was going through a lot of things after the accident, and while I had frustrations in many areas of my life, one of the few things I could rely on was your willingness and determination to give me and the case the attention and care that it deserved. 

To anyone reading this testimonial (I'm the type to ALWAYS read reviews and testimonials before calling anybody), you're in good hands.  If you decide to go with Jason, you won't regret it for even a moment.  I was in a bad car accident in December 2009, and because of the horrible experience my husband had with his incompetent lawyer (from a four car collision he was in the year prior, which was NOT his fault), we KNEW that we had to be ultra selective about whom we chose. 

The case was settled in ten months, when MANY friends and family told me it would take years, at the very minimum.  Jason made everything so easy for me; I never felt like I had to do anything except answer his questions or provide the necessary information for them to work on my case.  Oh, and if you're wondering -- the settlement was much larger than what I'd imagined it could've been.  I couldn't be any happier with the way that everything turned out. 

And once again, Jason, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you've done.  Throughout this entire ordeal, you always felt like more of a good friend with sound legal advice, rather than some lawyer handling my case.  You really do live up to the title, "Super Lawyer."  Thanks for everything.

Sonia Liu
Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Recently, I was in a serious accident withstanding severe injuries and broken bones. Unfortunately, the at fault driver only had minimum coverage that wouldn't even begin to cover the medical bills, much the less compensate me for missed work and months of sitting at home recovering. Shortly after the incident, I began to search for legal assistance, but after reading several horror stories of victims not only having to deal with their injuries, property damage, and overall headache, but also being victimized by lawyers. I read about the Super Lawyers Group and decided to talk to Jason in an interview.

During the interview, I explained the situation and Jason assured me that he could handle the situation and for me not to worry and only focus on my recovery. Jason did exactly that! He was able to handle all of the medical bills, advise / tend of the nasty phone calls and letters I received, and provide the diligence that was due to the situation. Jason was able to steer me clear of a lien that one of the physicians was trying to place upon me personally rather than bill the insurance. After things began to settle, Jason was able to dig deep and find coverage that was not apparent in the existing policy. The final result was Jason was able to get my medical bills paid off, and a settlement of 4 times what we originally anticipated, all while I was able to stay at home and get better.

William Pickens
Hogansville, Georgia

As a minister, 1 Cor. 6:1-8 about brother going to law against a brother before the unrighteous is a question I've answered like this. If you are both believers in a country where you swear on the Bible, you are in a righteous court. If you are the offending brother the same Bible you swear on demands that you make your brother whole. A hit and run driver left me injured on the road and after trying to work out my healing and treatment issues, I went to my insurance company, thinking they would work with me, only to find out I was paying them to represent the felon against me. They taught me they were working on ABC (always be collecting) NBP (never be paying) initiatives. It didn't matter, injured, right, good or whatever is not the issue. People are not important, profits are. I learned the value of a lawyer who could stand toe to toe against my insurance co. to get the value of a policy I had paid and never had to use in this way for over 30 years that they wouldn't honor.

JASON SCHULTZ got me over 15 times more in cash than my Ins. Co. offered, plus all of my Dr. bills got paid. If you need a lawyer be careful of offenders who quote scripture to get out of their responsibility to make you whole. JASON SCHULTZ is a proven winner, I worked with him, I recommend him.

Rev. Arthur Abraham
Marietta, Georgia

I can say that Jason Schultz went the extra mile for me.  He spent time with me and on my case that I really don't think I would have received from anyone else.  If you want someone to give you the straight truth and work hard for you, then Jason is your man.

Tim Willis
Senoia, GA

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you first of all for taking my case when you didn't have to do it.  For some reason, God lead me to you when I was researching an attorney and you in your spirit decided to take my case.  For that I will forever be thankful and grateful.  I know that you worked hard and were very dedicated to me, even though things did not turn out the way we wanted or expected them to, I am appreciative for your confidence in me.  There was a reason God lead me to you and for that I am thankful.

You were always honest with me and honesty in these days is hard to come by, especially from attorneys.  Usually it's all about them and what they can get out of the deal.  I never felt that way with you or your staff.  I always felt that you had my best interest at heart and that you were truly trying to do what was best for me in trying to get me the best settlement possible for my injuries.

I also want to thank you for the faith you had in me.  You never doubted me and that meant a lot to me.  You will never know how much it meant to know you truly were with me all the way and for that I will forever be indebited to you.

Again, thanks for all you have done and may God continue to bless you, your family and your practice abundantly.

Saundra J. Golden
McDonough, GA

A Woman's Nightmare

I was involved in a head on collision which, was at no point, my fault.  As a result of the wreck, I sustained numerous injuries requring 3 major surgeries (neck, right shoulder and right knee surgeries).  I found myself stranded in a new state, seriously injured with no vehicle; I needed to speak to an attorney quickly!  But who?

After listening to all the ear splitting loud mouth lawyers on TV yelling about how much money they will recover on my behalf, and reading what seemed to be an ocean of attorney profiles, I came across Jason Schultz's website, and was very impressed.  I called Jason and made arrangements to meet to discuss my case.  I found him to be very knowledgeable and decided to have him represent my interests.  Once Jason took matters into his hands, it was no longer my problem, which lifted a tremendous load off my mind.  Jason Schultz became a big brother looking out for his baby sister explaining all the medical procedures and legal paperwork in a manner I was able to understand, allowing me to heal comfortably, without having to worry.
He managed all the phone calls from medical bill collectors, and even legal actions against my home, due to outstanding medical and rehabilitation bills.  When there were problems with medical procedures, coverage or someone refusing to pay, Jason Schultz made sure all the medical bills were paid.  Jason made sure that I was compensated for all the pain and suffering; he even made sure future medical bills would be covered by obtaining a substantial insurance settlement.  If it were not for Jason Schultz, I would have been lost.  If you need an attorney that looks out for your interests as if you were one of his own family members, I would highly recommend Jason Schultz.

Carmen Brito
Lawrenceville, Georgia

I wanted to express my profound gratitude for your allowing me to mediate your case.  It is always a great privilege to be summoned by good lawyers to mediate a case.  I realize that the mediator choices are vast, which is why I am honored that you chose me . . . . 

Gino Brogden, Esq.
Decatur, Georgia 

Georgia Super Lawyer for a Reason, Best Lawyer EVER, Above & Beyond Expectations, More than Satisfied
All of these descriptions describe exactly what you get when you retain Jason Schultz PC to handle your case.
Jason handled my son's case like family; and in a professional, caring and knowledgeable manner. I would highly recommend Jason Schultz to anyone who needs help in a personal injury situation. He knows the game and how it's played. He knows the law. He will not be intimidated by anyone or any company. Jason is very persistent, organized, accessible and refuses to accept the "run around" from ANYONE! He's quiet, fast, fully armed, goes in gets the job done and gets you out. He's truly someone you want representing you. Jason is honest and up front with his clients and lets you know what you are up against. He and his staff handle all the details which will take much of the stress off your shoulders during an already difficult and challenging time. When it comes to personal injury; Jason is simply THE BEST there is!!! Thank you Jason and your staff for a job extremely well done!

John Bond
Tyrone, Georgia

When I first was involved in my accident, I began doing quite a bit of research concerning auto injury laws and litigation. This helped me immensely in being prepared from the beginning to ensure my case was well documented. When I went to search for a lawyer, I also did quite a bit of research and interviewed a number of Lawyers. I found Jason Schultz to be the best of them all and he was very personable and professional.

Jason handled my case extremely well and kept me informed along the way! I had to do a little prodding with his staff but once they got on board all my questions and phone calls were responded to in a timely manner. When it finally came time to negotiating with the other insurance company, he kept me abreast of his strategy and we received a great settlement, more than I was expecting considering my previous dealings with the insurance company early on.

I would highly recommend Jason Schultz to anyone who needs help in a personal injury situation.

Chris Rivera
Peachtree City, Georgia

Jason handled my son's case in a professional and caring manner. Any time we needed help, Jason was quick to respond. The outcome of our experience with Jason was more than we could have asked for. Thank you Jason for your hard work and perseverance.

Susan Bond
Lawrenceville, Georgia 

Jason is an incredible lawyer and it was easy to see that just within the first few weeks of my case. This is a lawyer that does not miss a beat and covers every single detail to the book, and then some. Jason is very understanding and does a great job in delivering expectations. I've been told a case such as mine could last for well over a year, but much to Jason's expertise and help, it was settled in just over seven months. If anyone is looking for a personal injury claims lawyer, it would be in your best interest to look Jason up.

Derek Bond
Kennesaw, Georgia

From the first time I spoke with Jason (Oct. 2007) all the way up to today (case ending), he has been persistent and curtious.... even when I was not the ideal client. He even came to my house at one point, just to accomodate my schedule. I hired Jason last year to represent my 3 young daughters after their involvment in a bad car wreck. Jason was very persistent and organized. He refused to accept the "run around" from ANYONE!I trust him %100. He informed me about EVERYTHING, even if I did'nt ask. Jason is very easy to contact. On the rare occasion that I had to leave him a message, he returned my call within minutes. As far as the case goes, I am more than pleased. He got my daughters WAY more than I ever thought possible. He even set their money up to gain interest in specialized accounts. He handled everything with genuine care and concern. I would consider Jason a friend more than my attorney. Jason Schultz is absolutely THE BEST there is!!!

Michelle Buckman
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr.Schultz made me feel so comfortable about the legal process. He and his paralegals were available at all times,and were quick to call back with answers to questions that I may have had. I will refer him highly,and use him again if necessary.

Janice Carter
McDonough, Georgia

I highly recommend Jason Schultz. He kept me up to date with what was sent to the insurance company, doctors, etc. He was very easy to talk to and genuinely cared and wanted to help. I was very pleased overall with his and his staff's attitude and personalities. Jason gets things done and made himself available to talk to when needed.

Mike McIntyre
Hampton, Georgia

I was introduced to Mr. Schultz through a trusted friend, and she told me the truth, HE IS AN EXCELLENT LAWYER!!! He and his staff treated my family and me with so much care. He fought hard to get us what we deserved and worked extra hard when things with my daughter took a turn for the worse. I really feel he cares and he went out of his way to ensure my daughter is taken care of in the future. He even gave me the name of another top notch lawyer to help me with another legal issue. That's why I say he is the BEST LAWYER EVER!!!! Thanks for all the help.

Kenya Davenport
Riverdale, Georgia

Thanks again for selecting me to serve as your mediator yesterday. It was an enjoyable and productive day. I know you would have like to try this one, but I also understand Mr. Davis having a hard time turning down that kind of money - guaranteed and without delay. I'm just glad GEICO stepped up to the plate. I can assure you they had no intention of paying close to that amount when the day commenced. But then, that's what mediation is all about, when it works like it's supposed to.

Your direct and persuasive opening remarks, skillful negotiation and wise counsel to Mr. Davis served him well. I'm not sure if he realizes how vastly better you are than the majority of attorneys I see, but I hope so.I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.

-Joe Murphey, Esq.
Mediator, Miles Mediation
Atlanta, Georgia


Thanks for a masterful job! I truly appreciate the fine work you did in representing me & settling my AA claim against Progressive Insurance. I'm more than pleased with the quality of your work & the outcome, winning the policy limits & diverting a trial. Your well-trained staff saw to it that my questions/concerns were answered promptly along the way. Jason, you did it with patience & good humor - qualities that kept me encouraged throughout the lengthy process that's typical of the insurance companies. That kind of settlement doesn't happen by accident, but was a product of your good staff led by an excellent attorney! I appreciate your dedication & long hours you put in for success on what is considered a "small" case with minimum policy limits. I'm so grateful for your willingness to represent the "little fishes", as well as the million dollar cases. I'm confident anyone would find your representation to their liking! I know I will refer family & friends to you.

Darlene Love
Norcross, Georgia

I highly recommend Jason R. Schultz. He is an attorney of the highest caliber. The manner in which he represented my son, Jeffrey, in his personal injury case was outstanding. He is an individual with the utmost integrity and a person who can be counted upon to give his all to the clients he represents. Everything he did while representing my son was consistent with exceptional professionalism, paying attention to detail, and a responsiveness second to none. Jason possesses an unrivaled work ethic and gives only the soundest of advice. He is tremendously honest and a no-nonsense type lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone looking to hire a first rate attorney.

Louis P. Ariff
East Point, Georgia

When a person is injured in an auto accident three things come to mind, immediately to mind; 1) taking time off from work, 2) going to doctor’s appointments and 3) how to pay for it all. This creates stress beyond the injuries at hand. Jason Schultz professionally helped me with my auto-accident case with sincere compassion and diligence in getting the case closed quickly and to my satisfaction. I never felt pressured by him or by anyone because of him handling everything for me. He explained everything quickly and thoroughly. He always kept in touch with me and was never difficult to reach if I had a question. He offered appropriate legal advice but allowed me to make the decisions on how I wish to proceed and didn’t question my decisions. He is a person who adheres to high morality and integrity standards and I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Linda E. Roach
Newnan, Georgia

Mr. Schultz and his staff were very professional, but at the same time down to earth. I clearly understood what was going on with my case when I called for updates in plain English. Staff was always willing to help. Phone calls were returned promptly. I also received correspondence through the mail to advise me of all the documents sent to the insurance company. Overall, I had a very good experience and will recommend your law firm to anyone I come in contact with.

Tremeka Ross
Jonesboro, Georgia

I am Joe Ann Hector, a satisfied client of Attorney Jason R. Schultz PC. He has been my attorney for approximately 18 years. He settled several cases for my friends as well as myself. One case was settled for me for a substantial amount (over $50,000.00). Attorney Schultz’s assets are:

His tireless dedication to his clients

His honesty and straight-forwardness

His prompt return of client’s phone calls

His willingness to accept cases regardless of race, creed, income or national origin

He will refer you to other attorneys if he is unable to accommodate your needs

His newsletter is informative to clients of new developments in the legal arena.

It is my opinion that Attorney Schultz is an asset to the legal profession. Keep up your hard and dedicated work and thanks for making all the clients that I have referred feel that they are important to you. God bless you and your firm.

Joe Ann Hector
Atlanta, Georgia

I really appreciated your openness and support. My previous attorney acted as though I was guilty of something and even suggested that I was not hurt even though the doctor’s records showed otherwise. They acted as though they were doing me a favor and that I should be privileged to have their representation.

Aloysious Brown
Marietta, Georgia

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my comments about your legal services. You and your office took control of my case when I wasn’t able to deal with the stress and physical injuries caused from my accident. You handled everything for me. I didn’t have to do anything. You are wonderful as well your office help. I will tell anyone in my condition to use you as their attorney.

Teresa Stewart
Gainesville, Georgia

It seemed to be a devastating accident that burdened our family tremendously until we were introduced to Jason. The moment he became our lawyer our lives were placed back into order. Jason exemplified integrity as well as his passion that he had for us seemed more as a friendship as opposed to just an attorney-client relationship. No words can explain our wonderful experience with Jason other than we refer everyone to him. Thank you again Jason and may God continue to bless your company.

Joseph and Adrianna Green
McDonough, Georgia

The first words that came to mind when I think of your legal services are: Honesty, straight-forward and thorough. You let me know from the beginning what the “big picture” looked like, what my options were and what the possible outcomes could be. Therefore, we avoided any strange “surprise” endings. After my case was over, I really felt that you had given your best, most sincere efforts on my behalf; and for that…you will always come “highly recommended” by me!

Terri Porter
Fairburn, Georgia

I appreciated the professionalism of you and your staff almost as much as the settlement that you surprised us both with. I will have no problem recommending you to my family and friends.

Betty Baisden
Atlanta, Georgia

I was completely happy with the way you handled my case and the short time it took.

Betty Pitt
Douglasville, Georgia

I think you were awesome in our case. You are a great attorney and you handled everything properly. Thanks again for everything you did and I wish you much success.

Donna Worley and Family
Kennesaw, Georgia

I was pleased with the interest you showed in helping me and being available to spend with me. Anytime I had a question or needed to speak with you or your secretary everyone was most helpful in your office.

Betty Ford
Atlanta, Georgia

Jason was an excellent representative for us. He always gave us the straight story, which made it very easy to make the right decisions. I would use his services again without hesitation, if the opportunity should arise in the future.

John and Nicole LaBelle
Atlanta, Georgia

I would like to share my experience I had when I was in an car accident some years back. Jason Schultz handled my case and did a very good job. Jason has been a good lawyer and friend and always keeps in touch with me and no matter where I live, he seems to find me. Jason is a very good lawyer. No matter what the case is he is the one to represent you or them. In closing, I would use Jason Schultz to represent me as well as my family.

Bennie Grier
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Zoya and I very much appreciate your way of handling our claims that included: answering our calls, taking time to meet with us as many times as we asked you to and working endlessly hard on our behalf. We think your work was excellent and should be highly recommended.

Saad and Zoya Lorestani
Atlanta, Georgia

I met Jason Schultz some years ago when my son and I were involved in an automobile accident. I was in physical and legal pain. I had mixed feelings about attorneys but all my friends were telling me I needed one. So I called Jason. He came to my house to talk with me and my family. I developed a trust in Jason. He took charge and helped settle my case. Jason showed compassion and concern for what my family was going through. Years later I recommended Jason Schultz to a friend of mine who was in an automobile accident. He is a man of integrity who works hard for his clients.

Virginia Hall
East Point, Georgia

When I really was forced to decide and look into legal representation, I searched quite some time and ran across something and dug deeper into it. The first thing that I noticed and liked about Jason Schultz’s law firm was that there were no images of his face plastered on the sides of buses, billboards, or taxis. The most refreshing thing was that you didn’t see him SCREAMING on TV commercials. I often follow and practice, “Don’t raise your voice, just strengthen your argument”. Jason Schultz seemed to exhibit what I always followed.

He made me feel very comfortable, wanted to know about me and my family, which was a breath of fresh air, because not many people of his stature take the time to instantly inject themselves into that aspect of your life. This showed me that he and his firm care about family, and the importance of your responsibility to them. What put me over the top was soon unfolding in front of my eyes. He not only was professional, but took a caring approach to me even though I wasn’t a client yet. Lastly, the carefree no pressure environment. He didn’t try too hard to sell me or make it seem like he was forcing me to decide on going with his firm. Facing something so tough as surgery, you want someone in your corner that could run your affairs and take care of all of the non medical and business aspects of the accident. My time needed to be spent preparing my mind and body. I 100 percent totally felt confident in choosing Jason Schultz. After my surgery Jason called many times to check on me. He provided me constant contact on important affairs, communications of the case, detail timely adherence and most of all provided me satisfaction and a peace of mind this made my healing process much smoother, because I didn’t have to worry about the case. Jason left no stone unturned. He appeared as though he performed legal surgery for me, which is why we can compare him to the “stealth fighter plane”. He’s quiet, fast, fully armed, goes in gets the job done and gets you out. He’s truly someone you want representing you.

Robert Lewis
Atlanta, Georgia

Jason Schultz is an attorney of extraordinary character and talent. He is vastly experienced and one of the most professional people I have ever met. He genuinely cares about his clients and gives that 300 percent to give them timely advice and assistance. I am highly pleased with the way he represented me and in the settlement he got me. I truly believe that all of my interests were best served and met by him. I do not believe any other lawyer would have been able to do more for me. He is honest, sincere, hardworking, and definitely, the attorney you want to have in your corner representing you in any legal cases, especially one involving personal injury.

Jeffery M. Ariff
Altanta, Georgia

Jason Schultz is not only a top notch attorney, but by the time he is done with your case you feel like friends! He is honest and up front with his clients and lets you know what you are up against and he doesn’t sugar coat things like most do! He gives it to you straight and in the end delivers more of a settlement than I think any of these cheesy TV lawyers ever could. In my opinion, there are no worries about hiring Jason Schultz as your attorney. Thanks for all your help Jason.

Liz Stewart
Gainesville, Georgia

I highly recommend Jason Schultz. He kept me up to date with what was sent to the insurance company, doctors, etc. He was very easy to talk to and genuinely cared and wanted to help. I was very pleased overall with his and his staff’s attitude and personalities. Jason gets things done and made himself available to talk to when needed.

Ramiza Delanovic
Cumming, Georgia

Jason has shown himself to be very professional in manner. Yet unlike many, he is able to make you feel very comfortable when in his presence or speaking with him on the phone. He has also proven himself to be "active and personally involved" when dealing with insurance companies and other outside sources. He will not shy away from those who would like to intimidate a client and you can certainly feel confident that he is acting in your best interest. My husband and I are both very pleased with Jason and would highly recommend him to any family and friends. Hopefully we will never require his services again, but we will use him again gladly in the future if need be.

Darlene Mortenson
Stone Mountain, Georgia

From a very satisfied client. Mr. Schultz and his staff were very professional and kept me updated on my case. He took the burden from my shoulders and I enjoyed the relief from the pressure of the wreck after Mr. Schultz took my case. He hit the ball out of the park for me and fulfilled all my expectations. He has the best paralegal in the state. I would recommend Mr. Schultz to anyone who has had a wreck or auto accident. He was trustworthy, proficient, kind, concerned, competent and courteous.

Ola Dee Strickland
Jackson, Georgia

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