Words cannot begin to describe the gratitude I feel toward you and Michelle for all of the wonderful work you put in to my case.  Not once throughout this trying process did I ever feel like "just another client"; all of your attention and efforts always felt personalized and heartfelt.  I think some people have stereotypical ideas of what a lawyer is like (or what they're supposed to be like), but from the moment I first talked to you until the very end, I felt like you truly cared, and in my mind, you set the new standard for all the things a lawyer should be.

With everything that I had to endure (the pain I was in, physical therapy, awful doctor's appointments with a guy who couldn't care less about me, work problems, HR issues, everything you can possibly think of), you were the one beacon of hope.  I know that sounds so silly, cheesy, and over the top, but it's the absolute truth.  I was going through a lot of things after the accident, and while I had frustrations in many areas of my life, one of the few things I could rely on was your willingness and determination to give me and the case the attention and care that it deserved. 

To anyone reading this testimonial (I'm the type to ALWAYS read reviews and testimonials before calling anybody), you're in good hands.  If you decide to go with Jason, you won't regret it for even a moment.  I was in a bad car accident in December 2009, and because of the horrible experience my husband had with his incompetent lawyer (from a four car collision he was in the year prior, which was NOT his fault), we KNEW that we had to be ultra selective about whom we chose. 

The case was settled in ten months, when MANY friends and family told me it would take years, at the very minimum.  Jason made everything so easy for me; I never felt like I had to do anything except answer his questions or provide the necessary information for them to work on my case.  Oh, and if you're wondering -- the settlement was much larger than what I'd imagined it could've been.  I couldn't be any happier with the way that everything turned out. 

And once again, Jason, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you've done.  Throughout this entire ordeal, you always felt like more of a good friend with sound legal advice, rather than some lawyer handling my case.  You really do live up to the title, "Super Lawyer."  Thanks for everything.

Sonia Liu
Duluth, Gwinnett County, Georgia