Recently, I was in a serious accident withstanding severe injuries and broken bones. Unfortunately, the at fault driver only had minimum coverage that wouldn't even begin to cover the medical bills, much the less compensate me for missed work and months of sitting at home recovering. Shortly after the incident, I began to search for legal assistance, but after reading several horror stories of victims not only having to deal with their injuries, property damage, and overall headache, but also being victimized by lawyers. I read about the Super Lawyers Group and decided to talk to Jason in an interview.

During the interview, I explained the situation and Jason assured me that he could handle the situation and for me not to worry and only focus on my recovery. Jason did exactly that! He was able to handle all of the medical bills, advise / tend of the nasty phone calls and letters I received, and provide the diligence that was due to the situation. Jason was able to steer me clear of a lien that one of the physicians was trying to place upon me personally rather than bill the insurance. After things began to settle, Jason was able to dig deep and find coverage that was not apparent in the existing policy. The final result was Jason was able to get my medical bills paid off, and a settlement of 4 times what we originally anticipated, all while I was able to stay at home and get better.

William Pickens
Hogansville, Georgia