A Woman's Nightmare

I was involved in a head on collision which, was at no point, my fault.  As a result of the wreck, I sustained numerous injuries requring 3 major surgeries (neck, right shoulder and right knee surgeries).  I found myself stranded in a new state, seriously injured with no vehicle; I needed to speak to an attorney quickly!  But who?

After listening to all the ear splitting loud mouth lawyers on TV yelling about how much money they will recover on my behalf, and reading what seemed to be an ocean of attorney profiles, I came across Jason Schultz's website, and was very impressed.  I called Jason and made arrangements to meet to discuss my case.  I found him to be very knowledgeable and decided to have him represent my interests.  Once Jason took matters into his hands, it was no longer my problem, which lifted a tremendous load off my mind.  Jason Schultz became a big brother looking out for his baby sister explaining all the medical procedures and legal paperwork in a manner I was able to understand, allowing me to heal comfortably, without having to worry.
He managed all the phone calls from medical bill collectors, and even legal actions against my home, due to outstanding medical and rehabilitation bills.  When there were problems with medical procedures, coverage or someone refusing to pay, Jason Schultz made sure all the medical bills were paid.  Jason made sure that I was compensated for all the pain and suffering; he even made sure future medical bills would be covered by obtaining a substantial insurance settlement.  If it were not for Jason Schultz, I would have been lost.  If you need an attorney that looks out for your interests as if you were one of his own family members, I would highly recommend Jason Schultz.

Carmen Brito
Lawrenceville, Georgia