As a minister, 1 Cor. 6:1-8 about brother going to law against a brother before the unrighteous is a question I've answered like this. If you are both believers in a country where you swear on the Bible, you are in a righteous court. If you are the offending brother the same Bible you swear on demands that you make your brother whole. A hit and run driver left me injured on the road and after trying to work out my healing and treatment issues, I went to my insurance company, thinking they would work with me, only to find out I was paying them to represent the felon against me. They taught me they were working on ABC (always be collecting) NBP (never be paying) initiatives. It didn't matter, injured, right, good or whatever is not the issue. People are not important, profits are. I learned the value of a lawyer who could stand toe to toe against my insurance co. to get the value of a policy I had paid and never had to use in this way for over 30 years that they wouldn't honor.

JASON SCHULTZ got me over 15 times more in cash than my Ins. Co. offered, plus all of my Dr. bills got paid. If you need a lawyer be careful of offenders who quote scripture to get out of their responsibility to make you whole. JASON SCHULTZ is a proven winner, I worked with him, I recommend him.

Rev. Arthur Abraham
Marietta, Georgia