My case was dragging along very slowly when my initial attorney decided it was time he moved on, but I do thank his firm for finding and introducing me to Jason Schultz. 

Deep down after 5 years of paperwork back and forth with the federal government, you can lose interest but from the day I met with Jason his demeanor renewed my spirit and I honestly felt my case had hope again. 
Jason may be far away for someone located in the northern counties of Metro Atlanta but it is worth the ride. I only had to do one visit with all my documents hence forth all other communications were through email and phone. He has a very pleasant paralegal - Michelle, who will contact you if he is unavailable at that moment. 

He is very detailed and instrumental in preparing you for trial, which for my case never was necessary. He has great negotiating skills and that is a plus when it comes to getting a settlement instead of going to trial. He allows you to make the final decision with all the clear facts presented for you to understand. He is very good when it comes to timeline and when to expect replies from the other party. 
Finally his mannerism shows his sincerity in providing client's with his honest expert opinion.

Christine Baker