Fayetteville & Peachtree City, Georgia Bicyclist Lawyer

Posted on Feb 07, 2010

A bicyclist sought damages from a motorist following an accident in which the biker was injured.  Plaintiff was not wearing a helmet.  The bicycle had some reflectors on the pedals.  Defendant moved her vehicle into the turn lane and came to a complete stop and proceeded with a left turn.  At the same time, plaintiff was attempting to cross over the highway via the center lane to access a bike path.  Plaintiff collided with the defendant's vehicle traveling 15/25 mph, cracking the passenger side of the side-view mirror.  Plaintiff flipped over the bike sustaining deep puncture wound to the left chest and shoulder near plaintiff's collarbone, along with other lacerations and contusions.  Plaintiff alleged defendant was negligent in failing to yield to opposing traffic and not using her turn signal.  The jury found in favor of the defendant after 15 minutes of deliberation in DeKalb County, Georgia.