Reckless driving can entail a lot of different behaviors, from tailgating to weaving in and out of traffic. When these accidents involve large commercial vehicles, the risk of death to those in passenger vehicles may be increased. Of course, the drivers of the commercial vehicles are not always the ones to blame in the accidents, but in some cases, the crashes are indeed caused by someone operating a truck in a reckless manner.

Causes of Reckless Driving Among Truckers

Being a trucker is a difficult job; there are long hours, few breaks, and the general discomfort of being cooped up in a truck cab for so long. While many truckers follow federal trucking guidelines and the rules of the road, the sad truth is that not all adhere to the safety standards required of them.

Some truckers drive with little sleep or even under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which may contribute to reckless driving. The accidents that often result from this type of behavior can destroy lives and families, which is why it’s vitally important for drivers to report unsafe driving to local police.

Find a safe place to pull over and call the police with a description of the truck (or other vehicle) that was driving recklessly. If you can, get the driver’s license plate number. The police will ask where you saw the driver, so be ready to give an explanation of your location. Reporting the incident may even help prevent a dangerous accident.

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