According to a report published in April of 2023,distracted driving accident attorney and injury lawyer in the year 2021 alone, 3,522 Americans died as a result of a wreck with a distracted driver. That is according to a report on distracted driving from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More than 500 of the crash victims were not even in vehicles at the time—they were pedestrians, bicyclists, and others. This data just counts fatal and injury crashes reported as involving distracted drivers. Experts suggest that the actual numbers are far higher.

Distracted driving can be anything that takes your focus away from operating your vehicle. Talking and texting on cell phones is well-known as one of the most common types of distracted driving, but interacting with the navigation system on your phone or the onboard system of your car also takes your attention away from the road. Eating, drinking, smoking, talking with your passengers, arguing, or adjusting the stereo can also lead to crashes.

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How Prevalent Is Cell Phone Use in Crashes and Fatalities?

distracted driving accident lawyer personal injury attorneyAccording to a May 2023 Distracted Driving Report from the NHTSA, in 2021 there were 377 fatal crashes reported as having cellphone use as a distraction, accounting for 12% of all distraction-affected fatal crashes. These crashes involved drivers who were talking on, listening to, or engaged in some other cell phone activity at the time of the crash. Contact our distracted driving accident lawyer if you were involved in such accident resulting in injuries.

In total, 410 people died in crashes involving at least one driver who was engaged in cell-phone-related activities in 2021.
The report underscores the dangers of using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving, but it also acknowledges that distracted driving encompasses a broader range of activities, such as eating, adjusting controls, and interacting with passengers.

The 10 Most Dangerous Distractions on the Road

According to an analysis of police report data, some common distractions are responsible for many fatal wrecks each year. Here are the 10 most dangerous distractions for U.S. drivers.

Distracted From Simply Not Paying Attention

Whether you are daydreaming or just “in a fog,” thinking about other things is the number-one worst activity you can do behind the wheel. This behavior caused fatal wrecks for 62 percent of distracted drivers.

Distracted By Talking on or Using a Cell Phone

Texting, talking, dialing, or listening to their cell phones distracted 12 percent of drivers involved in fatal accidents.


Seven percent of distracted drivers in fatal crashes were staring at things outside of their cars, like people or other wrecks.

Passengers Causing Distractions

There is a valid reason many states restrict passengers in cars with young, new drivers. Five percent of distracted drivers in fatal collisions were interacting with their passengers at the time of impact.

Non-Cell Phone Devices

Two percent of distraction-affected fatal accidents involved drivers who were either using or reaching for gadgets they brought into the vehicle, such as headphones or a GPS device.

Eating or Drinking

Eating or drinking while driving carries a risk of an accident. Two percent of distracted drivers were drinking or eating when their fatal crash occurred.

Adjusting Climate Control or Music

Another 2 percent of distracted drivers in fatal wrecks were either changing the temperature controls, the radio station, or volume at the time of the collision.

Shifting Mirrors, Seats, and Other Vehicle Components

Although you might not think that adjusting your side or rear view mirrors would be on the list of dangerous things to do when behind the wheel, toying with them takes your attention away from operating your vehicle and watching the traffic around you. Adjusting mirrors, seats, or using the built-in navigation system caused one percent of fatal crashes.

Loose Animals

If you have a pet moving around inside the car or a bee flies in through an open window, you might take your eyes off the task at hand. Pets, insects, or other moving objects inside the vehicle distracted one percent of drivers in fatal car accidents.


Smoking activities also account for on percent of fatal crashes with distracted drivers. This category includes lighting a cigarette, smoking, and dealing with the ashes.

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