Documenting Car Accident Injuries & Their Impact

Along with collecting evidence, an Atlanta car accident attorney may discuss documenting the injuries. Journaling pain levels, medication that has been taken, time from work that has been missed, doctor appointments, treatment received, and impact of the injuries on daily living (taking care of oneself, ability to enjoy normal activities) can be extremely helpful in establishing the physical and/or emotional harm sustained.

It’s just as important to make sure the doctor and any other healthcare provider involved in medical care and treatment is accurately documenting the injuries. This means avoiding vague descriptions and explaining in detail what happened.

For instance, if the victim struck his or her head against an object (such as the steering wheel or window) when the accident occurred, this should be noted. If the airbags deployed and there were burn injuries from that, this should be mentioned. It’s important to be as detailed as possible about the car accident injuries, so that there is no guess-work as to how the injuries occurred Remember, the defendant will try to use everything and anything against the accident victim and the more holes there are in the evidence, the more risk there is with an auto accident claim.

Hiring an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney to Protect an Auto Accident Claim

Sometimes medical care and treatment takes several weeks or months. No matter the length of time, an auto accident claim can be protected by making sure all records are maintained. An Atlanta car accident attorney can help ensure this is the case. An attorney can assist with filing a claim and negotiating a fair settlement if the negligence of another motorist was the cause of car accident injuries. Call 404-474-0804 to schedule a free consultation.

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