What evidence can I collect at the scene of my Atlanta car accident that will help my lawyer build a solid claim?

Any type of documentation or physical evidence gathered at a car accident scene could be helpful in building a solid and successful personal injury claim. When you have suffered serious injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is recommended that you seek out an Atlanta car accident lawyer for guidance through the claims process. 

Some of the types of evidence that could be collected at an accident scene and used in a personal injury claim include the following: 

  • pictures (intersection layout, weather conditions, damaged vehicles, injuries, skid marks, etc.);
  • copy of the police report;
  • photos from a red-light camera;
  • intersection records;
  • audio of any 9-1-1 calls;
  • statements from eye-witnesses; and
  • towing records. 


Anything that is related to the accident and your injuries could potentially be used as evidence. It is important to not dismiss anything without first talking to a lawyer. 

In addition, it would be helpful if, as soon as possible after the accident, you wrote down the details of what happened. Relying on memory can be detrimental to your case

Of course, you should also seek medical attention immediately. Records from your medical care can also be entered as evidence. 

Contacting an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer When You Have Been Injured 

Having adequate evidence is important if you want to prove liability and the extent of your injuries. By contacting an injury accident attorney, you can learn more about how to protect your claim and your legal rights. 

Don’t let the insurance company try to talk you into a settlement before you know the full extent of your damages. Contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation– 404-474-0804.