To Buy or Not to Buy: Rental Car Accident Insurance in Peachtree City

The last thing you expect when you're driving a rental car through Peachtree City is an accident. However, accidents can and do occur, and when they involve a rental car, you may have to deal with confusing issues of rental car accident insurance. But before you even get to this point you have to make a decision, should I buy rental car insurance?

Deciding Whether to Buy Rental Insurance

Are you renting your car with a credit card? Some credit cards provide some insurance if you use the card to rent the vehicle. So check your credit card policy to determine if it provides you any coverage. It may help you cover your deductible that your own insurance company requires you pay before it will provide coverage, which brings us to the next point.

Your own auto insurance policy may cover you if you're in a rental policy, so purchasing the rental car accident insurance may be redundant. If you have sufficient coverage on your policy, then you may not have to purchase any coverage from the rental car company.

What situations warrant buying rental car insurance?

If you have sufficient auto insurance on your car insurance policy, you may not really require rental car insurance. However, if you do not have sufficient liability insurance, or you are uninsured, then you may need to purchase rental car insurance to cover you in the event of an accident.

Additionally, not all personal car insurance policies will cover the cost of damage to a rental car if you're involved in an accident. Check the specifics of your policy, and make sure that damage to the rental car is covered in your policy.

If you have rented a car in the name of your company for a business trip, then your car insurance policy may not kick in in the event of an accident. Read the fine print of your car insurance policy before you make a decision about purchasing rental car insurance.

What do I do after a rental car accident?

As soon as you are involved in a rental car accident, inform your car insurance company. If another party is to blame for the accident, you may file a liability claim with that party's insurance company to cover damages. That party's insurer may also be responsible for damages to the rental car.

If you are to blame for your car accident, then you may be able to file a claim with your own car insurance policy, if you have the right coverage. This might include medical benefits coverage and collision or comprehensive coverage. You may also check if your credit card company provides any type of coverage, such as helping you meet your deductible.

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