The Quick and Dirty Guide to Basic Car Maintenance

Part of staying safe on the road includes basic car maintenance. Certain parts and equipment that aren’t kept in good condition could end up causing an accident.

Staying Safe with Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Preserving the appearance and value of a vehicle may be an important consideration for drivers. But safety should be at the forefront of basic car maintenance as well. The following are types of proper vehicle maintenance that can keep you and others who share the road safer.

Brake System

When any part of the brake system becomes worn or malfunctions (such as the pedal or pads), it can cause the driver to lose control when attempting to stop or they may fail completely. If your brake pads get down to about one millimeter you should consider changing them before or at your next oil change. Don’t forget to make sure there is enough brake fluid as well. 


Working lights—such as headlights and taillights—is critical so that other drivers can see you. When lamp lights fog up from sun exposure you can sand down the damaged plastic and reseal them yourself with a small kit you can buy at the store.

Windshield Wipers

You will have trouble seeing others if the windshield wipers aren’t working well, especially when there is rain, snow, dirt or other buildup. Since Atlanta sees all sorts of weather, you may need to change your windshield wipers every six months. Your vehicle’s manual should list the size of wipers your car uses. you can also opt for measuring the wiper blade yourself or look it up in the replacement guide that auto department stores usually carry.

Steering and Suspension

Both steering and suspension play a role in maintaining control of a vehicle. If something is wrong with either, it can cause you to lose control, resulting in an accident. Make sure you check your fluid level s periodically and top them off yourself at home. You can save yourself some cash by reading your car’s manual and familiarizing yourself with easily refillable liquid levels in your car.


Three main issues with tires are tread depth, pressure, and if they are directional. During the colder months, it’s a good idea to use winter tires made to handle snow and ice, they have a deeper tread. Just as important is making sure the wheels are aligned and balanced. Rotating your tires every other time you go to the mechanic will help you manage basic car maintenance. If you want to be sure the mechanic is rotating the tires, you can make a small mark on one and check both before and after your tire rotation to see if the tire has been rotated.

How Vehicle Maintenance May Impact an Accident

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what caused a collision. Driver behavior is many times to blame. But it could be that it was actually a failure to properly upkeep a vehicle that resulted in an accident. Failure to upkeep a vehicle is considered negligence and it can be factored into a claim. Call the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz P.C. for help determining fault for your case: 404-474-0804.