When a Dog Bite Attack in Georgia Leaves Injuries (Part B)

Treating Dog Bite Wounds

One of the biggest dangers with dog bite wounds is the risk of infection. If you or your child has suffered a dog bite attack in Georgia, doctors will assess the injuries and address: 
  • the skin damage;
  • injuries to the underlying bones, muscles, nerves, and ligaments;
  • the risk of rabies; and
  • signs of infection. 
You should also need to talk with your Carroll County dog bite lawyer to see what kinds of injuries and damages can be included in your claim. In many cases, you’ll be able to receive compensation for the medical bills and any future treatments you may need.

When you arrive at the doctor’s office or hospital, the attending physician will carefully clean the wound and an anesthetic may be applied so they can get a better look at the extent of the damage.

Sutures may be required, and the patient might be taken immediately into surgery if necessary. Special care must be taken when facial injuries are present, and doctors may recommend reconstructive surgery at a specialty facility like Atlanta Plastic Surgery or the Center for Plastic Surgery.

Filing a Dog Bite Attack Claim

Naturally, if you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries, you’ll want to seek out the best treatment options available. Medical treatments, surgeries, and therapy can be quite costly, though, to say nothing of the incalculable emotional scarring.

You may be able to hold the dog owner responsible for the attack by filing a claim with a Carroll County dog bite lawyer, and pursing financial recompense to help pay for injuries you’ve incurred.

In addition to medical bills, you may be able to receive compensation for: 
  • loss of wages due to missed time at work;
  • counseling and psychotherapy sessions;
  • future cosmetic surgery; and
  • emotional distress. 
Each case is different, and you’ll have to talk with your attorney about liability issues surrounding a dog bite attack in Georgia before you file your claim.

Contacting a Carroll County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite attacks cause not only physical, but emotional damages. As the victim of a dog bite attack in Georgia, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of Carroll County dog bite lawyers working on their side, shouldn’t you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation on your case – 404-474-0804.