Avoid Atlanta Child Injury: Getting Your Child to Wear a Bicycle Helmet (Part B)

Many parents who come to the office of an Atlanta child injury attorney do so because of a bicycle accident involving their child. While we've explored the frequency and seriousness of child injury from bike crashes, we need to look at ways to make sure your child wears a bike helmet for both riding near cars and on rural roads to prevent child injury. 

As soon as a young child gets a tricycle or small bike with training wheels, make sure they're wearing a helmet when riding it, even though they may only be riding it around the yard. This will get them used to the feel of the helmet and will help them see putting on the helmet as a part of the bike-riding experience. This will make safety and child injury prevention a top priority from the beginning.   

Some kids shun the helmet because it isn't comfortable, and many times, this is because of improper fit. When your child wears a helmet, the chinstrap should fit snugly but not dig into the skin. The helmet should rest squarely on the child's head, covering the forehead. Adjust the helmet or get a smaller size to prevent child injury. 

You should also wear a helmet yourself when riding with your kids. This will set a good example for them, in addition to helping keep you safe. Encourage your child's friends to wear helmets when they go for rides with your child as well. 

Sometimes, a parent simply needs to lay down the law and not let their child ride their bike unless they're wearing a helmet. Georgia law requires all cyclists under the age of 15 to wear a helmet. Despite your best efforts, a day may come when your child is hurt in a bike accident and you need legal guidance from an Atlanta child injury attorney. 

Contacting an Atlanta Child Injury Attorney 

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