An Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explains the Basics (Part A)

Whether you’re undergoing treatment in the hospital or you’ve been released to return home for recovery after a serious motorcycle accident, consider your right to file a personal injury claim. With so much going on with even a basic motorcycle accident claim it’s best to start this process with an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney on your side. 

What is a motorcycle accident claim? 

A motorcycle accident claim is a process by which you can seek damages for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering from the parties responsible for causing the crash. As with any vehicle accident, your claim will involve yourself, your insurance company, and the other drivers or pedestrians involved, as well as their insurance companies. There are also several other parties that may become part of your claim, but a basic claim will involve your side versus that of the other driver. 

After an accident, obtain the insurance information for the other parties and then contact your insurance company. This will begin the claim process so you can seek compensation for your damages. One of the many advantages of working with an attorney is that they can handle all of the paperwork and correspondence with the insurance companies for you. This leaves more time for you to recover and focus on your injuries and family. 

The Motorcycle Accident Claim Process in 5 Steps 

The basics of a motorcycle accident claim can be broken down into 5 general steps: 

  • document evidence;
  • file the claim with the insurance company;
  • present evidence of injuries, expenses and losses;
  • prove fault of other driver was greater than your own; and
  • negotiate and accept settlement. 

Even though this may sound simple, there are many circumstances that can complicate matters. You can read our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Georgia – The Truth about Your Injury Case, or continue reading to learn about how an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney can help protect your rights during the claims process. 

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