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When an Accident in Peachtree City Leads to Depression (Part A)

It is not uncommon for victims to begin to exhibit symptoms of depression after an accident in Peachtree City, particularly a traumatic accident that resulted in serious injuries. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault, you should immediately contact a Fayette County, GA accident lawyer about your Georgia personal injury claim.

Overview of Depression after an Accident in Peachtree City

Depression is a serious medical condition that can develop for a number of reasons. Someone suffering from depression will often feel sad, guilty, hopeless and disinterested. Poor sleep habits may develop, leaving the victim exhausted and with low energy throughout the day.

All of these factors can severely limit the quality of an individual's life, and should be factored into your Georgia personal injury claim as emotional suffering damages. A Fayette County, GA accident lawyer can guide you through the claims process.

Symptoms of Depression after an Accident in Peachtree City

The typical symptoms a person suffering from depression after an accident will exhibit include:

  • strong or persistent feelings of sadness;
  • guilt;
  • change to eating habits, appetite, or weight;
  • anxiety or restlessness;
  • changes in sleeping habits;
  • insomnia;
  • difficulty thinking or focusing;
  • headaches; and
  • feelings of worthlessness. 

If you or someone you love have been experiencing the symptoms listed above, it is vital that you seek counseling. Delaying treatment could result in a severe depression that hampers your ability to work and provide a living for your family.

If you plan to file a Georgia personal injury claim against the party responsible for your accident in Peachtree City, you should first contact a Fayette County, GA accident lawyer to discuss the circumstances of your case and determine whether or not you are eligible to be compensated for your depression.

Depression may be hard to show in a court of law but an experienced lawyer will be able to compile an understandable list of how your accident caused you to become depressed.

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