When a Child is Hurt in a Pedestrian Accident in Forest Park, Georgia (Part A)

Pedestrian accidents are one of the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths among children, and it's important for every parent to take precautions to keep their kids safe. If your child has been hurt in an accident in Forest Park, Georgia, you'll need to speak to a Clayton County child injury law firm to discuss your legal options.

Understanding Risk Factors

When dealing with preventable injury accidents, it can help to understand the risk factors that are involved in order to create smart prevention strategies.

  • Age - generally, the younger the child, the more risk is involved. With their small size and inexperience, toddlers are most at risk, while teens are less at risk due to their higher level of mobility and traffic experience. 
  • Race - while the lines aren't clear as of yet, it's apparent that race may be a factor in pedestrian accidents. 
  • Gender - males are more at risk, accounting for more than half of the unintentional injury accidents each year. 
  • Income - socioeconomic factors play a role in pedestrian risk factors; low-income children are more at risk, likely due to a wide array of sub-factors, such as lack of safe playing areas. 
  • Location - rural children are more susceptible to injury-related deaths due to vehicle crashes, likely attributed to the decreased availability of hospitals and trauma centers.  
  • Individual Factors - plenty of individual factors can contribute to a child pedestrian accident, including a child's motor skills, cognitive skills, height, weight, agility, attention level and emotional stability. 

In order to prevent accidents, it's important to create prevention strategies such as increasing safety education and parent supervision. Children's safety should be at the top of our society's itinerary.

It's devastating when your child is involved in an accident in Forest Park, Georgia. If this is what's happening with your family, call a Clayton County child injury law firm for help in pursuing a claim for your child's injuries.

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