They fixed my car – is that all I get for property damage?

No and this is the big secret. You are also entitled to additional money for diminution in value. This means that even after they fix your car, it is now worth less than it was just before it was wrecked. This is especially true when there has been lots of damage to the body or the frame. If you are going to buy a car and it suffered heavy damages, you would pay less for that than another one just like it that had never been wrecked. Most insurance companies will not tell you about diminution in value because they hope you will not find out about it. Demand and get paid for it. Another way to prove diminution is to get a statement from your dealer telling how much the value has dropped because of the wreck. Frequently, either your insurer or the insurer for the person that caused the wreck will tell you that the Georgia Insurance Commissioner has a diminished value formula that has been endorsed by them (UNTRUE!). The Georgia Insurance Commissioner does not endorse or authorize any formula for calculating a diminished value claim.