If my child was hurt under the care of a Georgia babysitter/daycare/pre-school, can I recover compensation?

When a parent enrolls their child in a daycare or preschool or puts them in the care of a babysitter, their greatest fear is that their child could be injured due to negligence. Unfortunately, injury to a child can happen even when in the care of a professional and if your child is injured while in another person's care, you may need to file a Georgia personal injury claim.

A Fulton County personal injury attorney can review your situation and determine if the injury to your child was caused by the negligence of their caretakers. The main factors of your Georgia personal injury claim include what happened to cause your child's injury and was it a foreseeable hazard that should have been prevented.

Injury to a child can create life-long consequences, leaving you and your child to suffer expensive medical care and stress after the accident. A Fulton County personal injury attorney can help you file a Georgia personal injury claim on behalf of your child. When injury to a child is considered in a Georgia personal injury claim they look at the nature of the injury, as well as the actions that led to the accident.

If the caretakers are found to have been negligent in watching and attending to your child, or if the facilities they were in are found to be unsafe, you may be able to recover compensation for your child's injuries. A Fulton County personal injury attorney can be your best resource when it comes to helping your child recover from their injuries.

Contacting a Fulton County Personal Injury Attorney

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