Gwinnett County Car Accident Causes Aggravation of Cervical Fusions

Our client, a wife, mother and homemaker, was suffering from a condition known as congenital cervical fusions and was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her friend traveling west on Old Atlanta Road.  They were struck by a Dish Network van that failed to yield while turning left from a subdivision.  To make matters worse, our client, just three weeks before, had undergone a complete hysterectomy.  She was examined by paramedics at the scene, and after the paramedics told her that she was not in immediate physical danger of internal bleeding, she went home to her husband and children.  Unfortunately, her abdominal pain escalated in the hours after the wreck.  The following morning, with pain increasing, she was directed to seek immediate attention at the ER at Gwinnett Hospital.  She also sought care from her family physician and orthopedic surgeons for neck pain and stiffness, headaches, and muscle spasms between her shoulder blades.  The insurance company fought liability and damages but ultimately offered an amount of money at mediation that satisfied our client to settle her case.