When Your Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Isn’t a Basic Crash

Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps When Things Get Complicated 

With so many variables that constitute the circumstances and influence outcomes of a motorcycle accident, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to how to handle your injury claim.  The good news is that you have the right to seek help from an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney before you start dealing with insurance companies, physician referrals, and settlement negotiations. 

As you begin the claims process, you’ll be shuffling through piles of paperwork, medical bills, police reports, and other documentation. This is all great evidence, but if you’re lacking important parts of your claim it could mean unnecessary delays or unfair denials. 

Your claim can become more complicated when there are circumstances such as: 

  • a hit-and-run driver;
  • uninsured motorist;
  • missing evidence;
  • government entities; or
  • multiple at-fault parties. 

These are all above and beyond a basic motorcycle accident claim, but they are still somewhat common in the world of personal injury settlements. 

You Can Find Help with an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

At the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. we provide our clients with our FREE eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Georgia, to provide them with the basic information needed to determine if they have a personal injury claim. 

When you’re ready to team up with an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney to seek compensation for your injuries after a serious motorcycle accident, contact us for a FREE consultation – 404-474-0804.

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