Using Photographs of the Car Accident Site to Establish Fault

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Take photographs after a car accident to collect valuable and irrefutable pieces of evidence that can help recover compensation for damages. But don’t only snap photos of the vehicles. Be sure to take photos of the scene itself, too. The pictures can help piece together the cause of the accident as well as contributing factors, and may help establish liability for the car accident. 

Here are a few tips on how to take photographs of the car accident scene itself that can be used as evidence:

  • Take photographs that show the position of the vehicles. If the accident blocks the road, then it is very likely that the police may have the vehicles pushed to the side. Always comply with the police and state laws, but if possible snap some photos that can help establish the cause of the accident, such as if one vehicle has run into the back of another.
  • Take photographs with a common landmark. Try and take multiple photographs with a common landmark in the frame so that these not only establish the scene and the elements that may have caused the accident, but also prove that all the snaps are of the accident site. Take pictures from multiple distances, too, trying to include one or more common landmarks that prove the photos are of the scene.
  • Take photographs that establish weather conditions. For example, the accident occurred on a snowy road, make sure to take photographs of the road before the snow melts and the tracks of the car tires vanish. If the accident occurred at night, take photographs around the same time of the accident to document the lighting conditions.

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