Three Tips for Taking Photographs of Injuries as Evidence

Photographs taken after a car accident can establish the injuries for a claim. This can be used as evidence that victims may present when pursuing a car accident claim or lawsuit against a reckless or negligent driver.

Here are three tips on how to take photographs of injuries after a car accident:

  • Take photographs of both the driver’s and the passengers injuries. This could help indicate the severity of the accident. These photographs may even help passengers file for personal injury compensation against the negligent driver.
  • Take photographs from different points of view. Take close-ups of injuries to indicate severity. Also ensure that mid-length shots are taken where the person with the injury can be seen and recognized. Additionally, take long shots of the surrounding environment as this may yield more clues about the accident.
  • Take photographs of injuries over a period of time. This is an oft-ignored but critical tip to effectively photograph injuries for evidence. Make sure to take pictures of the injuries over a length of time, especially if there is scarring and/or disfigurement that will cost additional dollars in cosmetic treatment procedures or have a psychological impact.

Legal Counsel for Personal Injury Claims in Atlanta

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