Get the Car Packed for a summer road trip in Georgia and enjoy these summer safety tips.Summers should be fun. Whether you are firing up the barbecue in the backyard, jumping in the pool, or going on the all-American road trip, here are some summer safety tips for Georgia to keep mishaps from spoiling your fun with friends and family this summer:

Stay Safe on Your Road Trip in Georgia

These are the four most likely causes of problems that could ruin your summer road trip and how to prevent them:

  • Car trouble: Get the oil changed before setting out on your adventure. Tell the mechanic how far you will be traveling and the climate or road conditions you expect. Ask them to make sure your vehicle is road-worthy for the drive. Brakes, tires, and air conditioning are some of the main issues on the road. While you are traveling, keep an eye on the gas and engine temperature gauges.
  • Road construction/getting lost: Have paper maps and GPS, in case you lose a cell phone or satellite signal. Check the state DOT websites for road construction sites.
  • Your car’s driver: Take turns driving so that you always have a fresh, well-rested, sober, alert driver at the wheel. Make sure the passengers do not distract the driver.
  • Other drivers: Sometimes the most dangerous things on the road are the other drivers. Be on the lookout for alcohol or drug-impaired or distracted drivers, particularly if you are on the road during any of the summer holidays.

Keep an eye out for children playing near the street. And do not forget that there are more motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road during the warm summer months. Following these safety tips can help ensure that the memories of your summer road trip are pleasant ones.

Not Just Sunburns

Protect yourself and your children from a sunburn today and skin cancer in the future by spraying or slathering on the sunscreen. Reapply every two hours and whenever you sweat, towel off, or swim.

Sunburns are not the only type of burns risks to avoid this summer. Fire pits, barbecue grills, Tiki torches, and bug-repellant candles all pose a risk of burns from the open flames and hot surfaces. Never leave these or any hot objects unattended around children.

Most people do not associate burns with swimming pools, but every year people have to get emergency room treatment for chemical burns from pool chemicals. Keep the containers of chemicals well out of reach of children.

Keeping the Kids Safe at the Pool

Nobody wants to experience a child drowning accident. Whether your kids are splashing around in your backyard pool or at a hotel or public pool, follow these tips to prevent swimming pool accidents:

  • Take your child for swimming lessons. Until your child is a strong swimmer, make sure they wear a Coast Guard-approved life vest when near the water. Do not rely on pool toys or “water wings” to prevent drowning.
  • Make sure that a reliable person supervises your children when at the pool.
  • Do not be afraid to have and enforce safety rules for your children at the pool.
  • Be cautious of pool drains, as they can catch swimmers with strong suction, pulling them underwater.

If something does happen, our Peachtree City, Georgia person injury attorney is here for you!

We hope your summer will be carefree and that no one in your family will have an accident, but if you or a loved one suffers an injury from a mishap that was not your fault, call the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, PC at 404-474-0804, and we will set up your free case evaluation.

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