Head injuries are another common type of motorcycle accident injury. Even those who wear a helmet are at risk. But of course head injuries increase when the rider doesn’t wear one. As a result, the person could sustain a skull fracture or a brain injury (TBI, swelling, blood clot). If there is a gash in the motorcyclist’s head, it could lead to a life-threatening infection.

Another common injury occurs when a limb gets crushed or pinned in the accident. This could result in a traumatic amputation. The arm(s) or leg(s) may be partially or completely severed. In some cases it can be reattached, but not always. As a result, the person may have to use an assistive device, such as a wheelchair or get fitted with a prosthesis.

Road rash is an injury unique to motorcyclists and is the result of the rider’s skin scraping against the ground. It commonly happens when the motorcyclist skids with the bike. The severity depends on whether or not protective gear (such as a jacket, long pants and boots) is worn.

This type of injury can tear away at the skin, causing surface wounds or much deeper, damaging tissue and bone. As with any other open wound, the susceptibility of infection is high. Road rash is similar to a burn injury, in that it may have to be treated with skin grafts if severe.  

How Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Accident Could Impact a Claim

With the potential to face long-term or permanent disability from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash, it’s important to address their impact in a claim. The medical bills can be significant. And the motorcyclist may need to undergo additional medical care in the future.

During the time of healing and recovery, the individual may be unable to work. That loss of income will only add to the financial burden. But it’s also possible the motorcyclist cannot return to his or her job. These losses should be addressed adequately in a claim.

An attorney at the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City understands the implications of a serious motorcycle crash and can guide you on accident cases in Georgia. With the help of legal counsel, a claim will consider how pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, and other losses factor in.

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