Reasons to Seek Medical Care after Head Trauma in an Accident

When someone has suffered head trauma, seemingly minor repercussions may arise like pain that can be treated with Tylenol. But within a matter of hours or sometimes days, things could suddenly turn serious. That’s why medical care is so important after any type of head trauma.

Why you should seek medical attention after head trauma in an accident:

  • underlying injuries - the problem with head injuries is that they aren’t always obvious. There can be internal damage that is much more substantial than someone believes. For instance, there could be bleeding in the brain or a skull fracture.
  • condition may worsen because of delayed treatment. When immediate medical attention isn’t sought after a head injury, what might have been easily treatable could turn life-threatening. Symptoms can progress to a point where the brain starts to swell. This increases the risk of permanent brain damage.
  • certain medications could increase risk of bleeding. Even if the injury would be minor under normal circumstances, if someone is taking a certain type of medication it could become dangerous. For instance, blood thinners can make someone susceptible to hemorrhaging. This same risk is true for the elderly.
  • you don’t know the signs of a more serious, hidden injury. Unless you are a practicing physician, there is no way that you will be able to identify signs of a latent injury. So you should take the injured person to the doctor for a physical. As an added plus, the doctor can then counsel you on what signs to look for that may indicate the condition is getting worse or is worse than originally diagnosed based on your loved one’s specific injuries.  This is far better than a general explanation that you will find on WebMD.

There are many common types of head injuries that victims might experience in a truck accident. Whether it’s an open or closed head injury, there is always the risk of severe damage.

So it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If the trucker was at fault for the accident, talk to Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City about your options for recovering compensation for these medical expenses and other damages: contact us at 404-474-0804.


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