Protection from Child Swimming Pool Accidents

Property owners or organizations who operate public or private pools should take precautions to reduce risk of child swimming pool accidents such as incidents of accidental drowning. This may include putting up barriers around the pool and ensuring the pool is guarded by a locked gate that small children cannot reach and unlock. Swimming lessons for children may also help protect against these accidents. 

AAP Okays Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics changed its guidelines regarding swimming lessons for toddlers in order to reflect a more proactive stance aimed at lowering the number of injuries and deaths as a result of child swimming pool accidents.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had previously advised against giving toddlers swimming lessons, but has now seen fit to change their guidelines because some swimming ability might prevent young children from suffering tragic child swimming pool accidents. According to Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, who is the lead author on a statement made on this subject for the July 2010, issue of Pediatrics, “Swimming lessons can be an important part of the overall protection, which should include pool barriers and constant, capable supervision.”

Making Pools Safer for Children

The truth is that swimming pools cannot be made 100 percent safe but owners can lower the overall risk by:

  • offering swimming lessons for young children;
  • surrounding the pool with a fence; and
  • employing a lifeguard for high-volume times.

If an accident does occur involving your children in someone else's swimming pool, and you feel that the property owner was negligent in providing adequate precaution and/or supervision, then you might want to take action by seeking out a personal injury and wrongful death attorney like Jason Schultz P.C. in Atlanta.

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