School Bus Safety Tips to Share with Your Kids

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Most children killed in school bus-related accidents were not riding the bus. Of the 174 school-aged children who died in a school bus accident between 2003 and 2012, 119 were pedestrians. Of those 119 pedestrians, 65 percent were struck by the bus.

So whether your child rides the bus or not, share these school bus safety tips with him or her.

Tips for Staying Safe In or Around School Buses

Safety at Bus Stops: To keep your child safe while waiting for or walking near school buses, remind them that horseplay near the road is never allowed. Students who are waiting for the bus to approach should stand a safe distance from the edge of the road in a well-lit area. They should not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop with the stop signs out, and the doors open.

Walking or Biking Near Buses: Children who walk, bike, or skate to school should never cross the road in front of a bus and should keep a safe distance from all buses, even if parked. Students should never play around parked buses at the bus loading area at their school.

Safety on the Bus: School bus safety continues while your child is on the bus. Once he has boarded, your child should move quickly to an empty seat before the bus resumes movement. Once seated, your child should face forward at all times and keep the aisles clear.

Students should always keep their bodies inside the bus at all times and refrain from throwing objects out the window. Horseplay is also dangerous on the bus as it can cause the driver to become distracted. Children should keep the volume down on conversations and should not play loud music, as it can distract the driver.

Getting Off the Bus: Children should stand only when the bus comes to a complete stop. After leaving the bus, your child should wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross the road. Never cross without the driver's permission.

Know Options after a School Bus Accident

If your child suffered an injury in a school bus accident, you may take steps to pursue compensation for damages. We hope you never have to, but contact Jason Schultz at 404-474-0804 for legal help.

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