The Importance of Witnesses to a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Pedestrian accident claims are not always easily won. Pedestrians might sustain an incredible amount of damages in an accident, and the driver’s insurer might try to minimize the funds it has to dole out. The insurer or the driver’s attorney might also try to argue that the pedestrian was the one to blame for the accident. In order to win the claim, the pedestrian will have to show that it was the driver who was at fault, or in legal terms, breached his duty of care. Whenever you’re filing a claim for personal injury, witnesses can be extremely helpful.

Witness Testimonies Can Help Your Case

Two types of witnesses can be instrumental in a pedestrian accident claim.

  • Eyewitnesses – Anyone who was nearby and witnessed the accident may be able to help your case. Collect names and contact numbers of everyone you can and provide the info to your attorney. Your lawyer can interview them and use their testimonies as evidence to support your claim. If you were unable to obtain contact info at the scene of the accident, you might be able to collect witness information from the police report or by visiting nearby businesses to see if anyone there saw the accident. 
  • Expert witnesses – Field experts, such as accident reconstructionists or medical experts, can also serve as witnesses for a pedestrian accident claim. They can provide professional opinions and insights for the courts or insurers that demonstrate various facts about the case. For example, reconstructionists can testify about topics such as speed, point of impact, and more; and medical experts can testify about the severity and extent of your injuries, thereby justifying the value of your claim.

Help Locating Reputable Witnesses after a Pedestrian Accident in Atlanta

Our Atlanta-based firm has access to valuable resources including field expert witnesses that we share with our clients. Our team also has research and investigation skills to help identify and locate eyewitnesses. For references to trusted experts and for help filing a pedestrian accident claim or lawsuit, contact the Law Office of Jason Schultz today for a free consultation: 404-474-0804.

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