New Report: Atlanta Among Worst Traffic in the Nation

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It is official – Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the nation. The TomTom GPS company tracks global traffic data in cities larger than 800,000 and for 2015 Atlanta came in 96th worldwide in traffic congestion. While that may not seem drastic, when looking at traffic ranking on a national scale, Atlanta sits in the top 20 at number 13.

Atlanta's Traffic Problems at a Glance

TomTom's GPS systems tracked the average extra travel time Atlanta's traffic adds to your daily commute. On average, Atlanta drivers have a 24 percent longer trip compared to uncongested traffic. Furthermore, average morning traffic is 45 percent slower than free-flowing traffic and evening traffic congestion can spike to 60 percent longer travel times.

Even a driver born and raised in Atlanta can find navigating the bypasses and loop around our city a chore when traffic is congested. To make matters worse, commuters traveling through the city and tourists in town can cause traffic jams and accidents when driving on unfamiliar routes. Add these issues to a city that always seems to have some major event going on and you have the perfect recipe for traffic woes.

The Hazards of Traffic Congestion

When traffic slows down drivers are often tempted to pull out their cell phones to pass the time. This often leads to distracted drivers unaware when traffic starts moving, causing more delays. Even worse, a driver already crawling in slow traffic and looking at their phone is more apt to rear end the vehicle in front of them, causing an accident that further ties up the highways.

Another common behavior with traffic congestion is the increase in road rage. Any driver who has been stuck in traffic knows how frustrating the crawling delays can be. This frustration can multiply if you are late for work or other appointments, often causing drivers to engage in more reckless behavior.

If you find yourself stuck in traffic, remember that distractions and anger are two of the main causes of slow-moving accidents. Keep your attention on the road and a level head to make it through your travels.

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