Liability for Passenger Injuries When the Driver Is Impaired in Atlanta

For help determining liability for a passenger's injury, contact an auto accident attorney to discuss your case. You will go over the circumstances surrounding your claim, such as if the driver was impaired and if you knew about it. 

If you were aware, it may negatively affect your ability to collect compensation. By seeking legal counsel in Atlanta you can learn if you have a legitimate claim for compensation. 

Impact of Passenger Injuries Resulting from an Impaired Driver 

In order to file a claim, you need to determine who is liable. Under most circumstances you may be able to hold the driver of the car liable if it can be shown that he or she was negligent and caused the accident. 

Unfortunately, this may not be the case if it is found the driver was impaired and you were aware of his or her impairment. For example, you may have just spent a great evening at a local restaurant enjoying a nice dinner and a few drinks. 

If you knowingly get into a car with a driver who has also been drinking and you should reasonably be able to assume that he or she is impaired, you are taking a risk. That risk may impact your ability to recover compensation for damages you sustain if the driver is in an accident that causes you injury. 

Determining car passenger injury liability can be complicated in some cases. It all comes down to proving who was negligent and whether you as the passenger hold liability as well.  

Contacting an Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney 

Don’t delay speaking with an attorney at the Law Offices of Jason Schultz. Call us for a free consultation – 404-474-0804. If you were the victim of a car passenger injury, liability could lie with the driver of the vehicle you were traveling in or another motorist as well.

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