How an Insurer Conducts a Motorcycle Accident Investigation

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Unfortunately, fraud is not uncommon with personal injury claims. In order to ensure that only legitimate claims are paid, insurance companies will often conduct a motorcycle accident investigation to determine the validity of a claim.

Insurance Company Motorcycle Accident Investigations

Many insurance companies have staff investigators to conduct research and sometimes even surveillance. Others hire outside private investigators to assist the case. Below are a few of the methods that investigators use for injury cases such as motorcycle accidents.

  • Accident evidence: they may review the police reports, video footage, and photos of the accident to look for inconsistencies in your story.
  • Witness reports: they might also obtain/review statements from eyewitnesses and compare them to your statement.
  • Medical reports: insurers might review your medical records and doctors’ notes to determine if your injuries are legitimate.
  • Social media: adjusters and investigators may also scan your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts to see if your injuries are legitimate. If they see you on Instagram fishing when you’re supposed to be recovering from a serious injury, they might use that evidence to refute your claim.
  • National database: insurance companies keep information of all claims filed in databases that they share with other companies. When you make a new claim, they will search for any claim records you have in the databases and look for evidence of fraud.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Insurance fraud is a crime and it’s important for insurers to do what they can to stop it. This often involves conducting a motorcycle insurance investigation. However, many victims with legitimate motorcycle accident claims are often denied a settlement because of misconstrued evidence or false allegations. 

If you are filing a motorcycle accident claim, contact an attorney for help. Your attorney can help ensure that any motorcycle accident investigation is conducted fairly to protect your rights. For a free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney, contact the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City today at 404-474-0804.

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