How to Work With Your Doctor After a Car Accident in Clayton County

An auto accident can be so overwhelming, injured victims sometimes don’t seek immediate medical care, and if they do, they sometimes forget to provide their doctor with important information. 

If you were involved in a car accident in Clayton County, your top priority should be visiting a doctor for a medical evaluation to restore your health. If you were injured and are considering filing a Georgia personal injury claim, visits with your doctor will be extremely important in your case. 

Many people injured in car accidents visit the doctor, but don’t realize that they should be providing their physician with as much medical history and information about their symptoms as possible. 

Don’t forget to provide your doctor with:
  • a list of any pre-existing conditions;
  • an overview of your medical history;
  • a complete and thorough explanation of your current symptoms;  and
  • the most accurate information on the severity, location and frequency of any pain.  
Remember that if your Georgia personal injury case goes before a jury, if you mention any pain or symptoms caused by the car accident that are not documented by your doctor in medical records, the insurance company can easily use this mistake against you.

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Contacting a Lake City Attorney

As the victim of a car accident in Clayton County, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn’t you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation.
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