Georgia’s Licensing Requirements for Child Daycare Centers

Although there are many things to look for when choosing a child daycare center, one of the most important is that it’s licensed. In Georgia, providers cannot operate a childcare center without the proper license. If there are multiple locations, a separate one is required for each center.

Child Daycare Licensing Requirements and Why This Is Significant 

When a child daycare center applies for a license, the owner must attend an orientation that goes over the policies and procedures for operating such a facility. Additionally, the director – who is responsible for the day-to-day operations – is required to attend a 40-hour training course. A criminal record check is required on the director and all employees. This requires registering for fingerprinting.

The facility must also meet requirements pertaining to window space requirements (for facilities without central heating and air) and diaper-changing areas (non-porous and easily cleaned with side guards). The licensed capacity must also be figured for each room, and the bathrooms must be fully enclosed with proper ventilation.

There are a variety of other requirements as well. Only centers in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations will receive a license.

When a daycare or other early childcare learning center has gone through the proper channels to obtain a license, parents know the facility is in compliance with state laws, though parents should still perform their due diligence when evaluating the daycare. Furthermore, regulations are in place to ensure the center remains in compliance. 

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