Georgia Motorcycle Safety Programs

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Riders at all levels can benefit from enrolling in one of Georgia’s motorcycle safety programs. Although successful graduates can earn their licenses in the basic and experienced-licensed waiver courses (with a 90-day license test waiver), there are many other good reasons to join. New riders can learn the skills they need to safely operate a motorcycle while advanced riders can brush up on their skills.

Basic Riders Course

This program is available for new riders and those who haven’t ridden in a while. In addition to classroom discussions, it provides the opportunity to practice on a closed course.

Some of the specific skills taught in the basic riders’ course include:

  • emergency braking;
  • turning;
  • riding in a straight line;
  • shifting;
  • stopping; and
  • handling critical situations.

Additionally, riders are taught about the importance of wearing the right kind of protective gear and how drugs and alcohol impact riding ability.

Experienced Riders Course/License Waiver

This one-day workshop is designed for those with experience who would like to improve or brush up on their skills. The license waiver allows those who have a permit or don’t have a license to earn one. Examples of skills taught include turning, evasive maneuvers and braking.

Advanced Riders Course

This one-day course is beneficial to advanced riders who would like to enhance both basic and crash avoidance skills. Areas of special focus are cornering and braking. This program also provides a personal risk assessment.

All skill levels can benefit from a motorcycle safety program. But there are other ways to raise awareness of risk factors that contribute to crashes. For instance, Georgia motorcycle accident statistics can provide a greater understanding of how age and location could play a role. They can also bring insight into common causes of crashes, such as speeding and alcohol use.

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