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For the family of Gregory Cline, the nearly two years since his death in a motorcycle accident have been filled with anguish.  Cline was killed in 2007 as he was riding his motorcycle home on US 19 in Georgia. His motorcycle collided with a van, when the latter turned into his path. Cline was killed on impact. The driver of the van, who was an allegedly drunk driver, later told police that he never saw the motorcyclist.

Blanco was charged in the accident, but Cline's family alleges that the case has been dragging on for two years now. Charges against Blanco were filed a few weeks after the accident, but a trial is nowhere in sight.  According to Cline's sister, Margie Cunliffe, the family's hopes for a trial are dashed every time the defense asks for a continuance.  Cunliffe says that the family's struggle for justice has left them emotionally battered. They want closure and justice to be served.

For the survivors of those who are killed in motorcycle accidents and other accidents in Georgia, moving on after the death can be a very difficult process. Closure is difficult when a loved one is killed due to another's negligence that cold have been easily avoided.  Holding the persons responsible for the death accountable in a civil and criminal court is a huge part of the process of attaining closure. For many families, it's not as much about seeking revenge or even a financial settlement for the wrongful death as it is about holding the negligent party accountable, hopefully ensuring that such negligence is not repeated.

Motorcycle Accident Fatality Rates Are Alarming

Motorcyclists are some of the most at-risk people on our roads. In fact, motorcycle accident fatality rates have been on the rise over the past decade.  Contrary to what many believe, most motorcyclists are conscientious riders, who follow all the safety rules and avoid dangerous stunts that may cause a collision.

As a Peachtree City Motorcyle Accident Lawyer, who often finds himself fighting for the rights of injured victims  or survivors of motorcycle crash victims, I believe that our roads were meant to be used by all, and that motorcyclists have as much right as anyone else to be riding on our streets.

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