Biking to School Safety Tips for Peachtree City Parents

Georgia is one of several states across the U.S. participating in the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This program brings together local and state government departments, communities, schools, and families to develop better city infrastructure and travel environments for schoolchildren.

Many already consider Peachtree City a utopia for alternative transportation because of our large network of paved paths that go to the majority of buildings downtown. While this is a boon for the environment, it is a parent’s responsibility to consider the less pleasant circumstances too, like how one would recover damages if your child suffered an injury in a bike accident.

But first, let's start with prevention. Biking to school safely begins at home before you set foot out the door. Kids can pick up bad habits from friends, like taking shortcuts off designated paths.

Even if your child has been bicycling to school in previous years, review the basics at the start of each semester.

  • Follow a set route. A few days before school starts, work with your child to plan the safest route from home to school and back. Keep in mind the fastest route may not be the safest, so make sure you put safety before speed. Look for the route with the least amount of streets to cross and away from heavy traffic.
  • Make sure safety gear is in top shape. Have your child try on all safety gear before school starts to make sure everything still fits properly. If it's damaged or no longer fits, replace it. Kids may want to wear novelty helmets to school. Your child can legally wear a novelty helmet if it has the federally approved DOT compliancy labels on it, so check at the time of purchase.
  • Make a plan for traveling in bad weather. Georgia is known to have some nasty thunderstorms and the occasional blizzard.
  • Make a riding group. There's safety in numbers! If there are several children in your neighborhood who bike or walk to school, make a travel group.

Peachtree City Parents Can Rely on Jason Schultz for Legal Help

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