Evaluate the Daycare Alternatives That Might Be Right for Your Child

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Many parents struggle with the idea of putting their children in daycare. Trust can be a significant issue. How will they know their child is being treated well and is protected? As a result, some will begin considering daycare alternatives, such as those outlined below.

Family Daycare Homes

A family daycare home (FDCH) is one where the daycare provider operates the daycare out of his or her home. It might be a better fit for a couple of reasons. One is that there are usually fewer children being cared for, which may mean greater supervision of all children. Georgia requires FDCH providers meet certain requirements to register.

Hiring a Nanny or Babysitter

Parents may feel more security in hiring a caregiver to take care of the child in the child’s own home. Caregivers could include a professional nanny, relative, neighbor or friend.

Not only might the child feel more comfortable at home but parents have more control over the environment, such as locking away medicines and installation of safety gates. Of course, parents should be thorough when hiring a caregiver.

Alternating Work Schedules

Another way to ensure a child’s safety is to alternate work schedules so one parent is able to stay home with the child each day. For some, this may mean one parent working days and the other nights. It might mean one parent working a weekend shift and the other working weekday shifts. It could also mean taking turns working at home while the other goes into the office. This may not be feasible for everyone, of course.

Parents who wish to put their children in more traditional daycare or who are unable to utilize these alternative daycare options should know what to look for when evaluating a daycare or preschool.

If a parent should learn that his or her child has been seriously injured at the daycare facility – whether traditional daycare or one of the daycare alternatives mentioned – they should seek legal advice. Call Jason R. Schultz in Atlanta at 404-474-0804 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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