Do you know about the "pit hole?” Learn About It and Stay Clear

The term “pit hole” was coined by, and is used to describe an area with a significantly high number of fatal Pit Bull mauling. Atlanta is one of those areas.

Pit Bull Attacks Near Atlanta posted a Google Map of pit holes in Georgia. Note, was founded by a dog attack victim so it may be slightly biased, but the statistics are indisputable.

The heavily dotted map – particularly around Atlanta – shows how many people lost their lives to dangerous dogs. Clicking each pit hole dot reveals a brief synopsis of the dog attack.

Some Pit Bull attacks are listed below.

  • Rebecca Carey, 23, was mauled to death by dogs she was caring for in Decatur: two Pit Bulls, two Presa Canarios and a Boxer mix.
  • Chet Hyder, age two, was killed by a Pit Bull in Stone Mountain. The dog was part of his family’s unlicensed breeding operation.
  • Bill Gordon Jr., age four, was killed by three Pit Bulls in Decatur. The dogs belonged to a neighbor and occurred off of the property.
  • David Raeford, 40, had “an altercation” with a Pit Bull and suffered a fatal heart attack as a result.

It’s not uncommon to hear of Pit Bulls attacking people in the state. Early this month, two people narrowly escaped an attack by two Pit Bulls roaming the streets in Sylvester. Last month, a 14-year-year-old boy was walking through a neighborhood yard in Clayton County when he was attacked and seriously injured by dogs not properly restrained, as per the dog breed laws.

Staying Safe Near Pit Holes

If you know of an owner who is violating dangerous dog laws, such as not properly restraining his or her dogs, or a potential pit hole, you’ll want to contact the local animal control.

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