Common Types of Distracted Driving in Georgia

Jason R. Schultz
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Education, campaigns, and laws continue to address the increasing problem of distracted driving that causes many serious car accidents. Today, drivers have many more opportunities to be distracted when behind the wheel. 

When you suffer injury because of another driver’s negligence, compensation for your injuries may be available. 

Some of the most common types of distracted driving include: 

  • use of GPS or reading a map;
  • conversing with another passenger;
  • talking on phone;
  • texting;
  • smoking;
  • adjusting CD player/radio;
  • looking at what a passenger is doing;
  • retrieving object from the seat or floor;
  • thinking about something else (problems);
  • daydreaming; and
  • drinking/eating. 

Anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road can become a distraction and lead to a crash. Certain factors can increase the severity of a crash, such as traveling at a high rate of speed or inclement weather conditions. 

Understanding some of the distracted driving statistics can help make motorists more aware of particular behaviors and forms of distraction, which can increase their risk of an accident. If you have been a victim, contact an attorney to learn if you have a legitimate claim.  

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