Common Causes of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists may be at greater risk of fatality if involved in a serious accident compared to other types of vehicles. This is largely due to the lack of protection that riders have compared to occupants of passenger vehicles. Certain factors, meanwhile, may increase risk of a motorcycle accident in the first place.

Factors Involving Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

Although driver behaviors can contribute to the likelihood of a fatal accident, there are other factors that may be involved. For instance, when a motorcycle is struck it can be difficult to maintain stability. Therefore, riders can end up being tossed from the bike or skid across the pavement with the bike.

Accelerating quickly and driving fast are other factors that could contribute to a fatal crash. And when traffic is heavy or a motorcyclist is impatient and wants to get ahead of other vehicles, moving in and out of traffic could also increase the risk of an accident.

Impairment – whether on behalf of a driver or motorcyclist – can significantly increase risk of an accident.  Road conditions can also be much more dangerous for bikes, such as potholes, uneven pavement, railroad tracks and debris.

Types of Accidents & Resultant Injuries

The type of accident can impact the chance of a motorcyclist sustaining fatal injuries. For instance, head-on collisions against another vehicle may be more serious.

Left turn crashes also can be very dangerous for motorcyclists. This is oftentimes the case when another driver turns left into the path of an oncoming bike in an intersection, causing a collision.

Understanding the cause of a fatal motorcycle accident is important if pursuing a wrongful death claim afterwards. Families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident can seek consultation and legal representation from an attorney at The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz in Peachtree City. 

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