Causes of Motorcycle Accidents on Country Roads

There is nothing like the feel of the open road while on a motorcycle. Driving in the country can be an invigorating experience. But it also can very quickly turn into a catastrophe if an accident occurs.

Motorcycle Crashes on Country Roads

Motorcyclists can have a false sense of security when riding in the country because of the lighter traffic. Yet this way of thinking can lead to risky behaviors that increase the likelihood of a motorcycle crash.

Taking a bend or curve too fast can cause bikers to risk losing control of the bike. And the motorcyclist may not see an oncoming truck or some other approaching hazard.

Hills and dips in the road can be a risk for motorcyclists. Failing to see them ahead of time prevents the rider from adjusting his/her speed or maintaining control of the bike.

Another issue can be distractions, whether it’s the scenery around the road or an animal nearby. Not paying attention can cause an accident. In fact, in certain parts of Georgia, deer crossings can be a significant cause of crashes. So it’s important always to scan the surroundings without allowing oneself to become distracted from the task at hand.

Country roads sometimes can be slicker, which is why weather can contribute to a crash. It’s important to adjust one’s speed when there is any type of rain. But high winds can present unique challenges for a motorcyclist.

Some other common causes of motorcycle accidents take place regardless of the type of road on which the biker is traveling. For instance, driving while intoxicated, distracted by technology and passengers, or exceeding the posted speed limit can lead to accidents. These actions aren’t any less dangerous when on a road less traveled. So riders should take the same precautions at an intersection even when out in the country.

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