Causes of Motorcycle Accidents at Intersections

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Intersections can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists, particularly when traffic is heavy. It can be challenging to see a bike, but these circumstances may reduce visibility significantly.

Intersection Accidents with Motorcycles

One cause of motorcycle crashes is when a bike is going through an intersection and a motorist turning left fails to see it and crosses in front of it. In some cases, however, the motorist simply may be trying to rush through the intersection ahead of the motorcycle. Another cause of motorcycle accidents at an intersection is when another motorist runs a traffic signal or sign.

Rear-end accidents are common at intersections, such as when waiting for a light to change. Even a low-impact collision could be serious for a motorcyclist. Many times, these are caused by a distracted motorist’s failure to pay attention or not allowing enough space between the bike and his/her vehicle.

Sometimes the motorcyclist causes rear-end crashes, for example when quickly and unexpectedly whipping around a vehicle and then cutting in front of it. The car may not have enough time or opportunity to stop safely.

There is also the chance of road debris or potholes at an intersection. If the bike hits one, it can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of the bike.

While there are many common causes of motorcycle accidents, some are more likely to occur under certain circumstances. No matter where it takes place, it’s important to determine if someone else’s negligence was the cause of the crash.

Contact an Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

If injured due to another driver’s negligence, motorcyclists can file an injury claim against the negligent driver to recover damages. Call Jason R. Schultz at (404) 474-0804 to set up a consultation to discuss your case.

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