A 12-year-old boy has sustained serious injuries in an accident involving a Polk County school bus this week.

The child Wyatt Pilgrim was apparently waiting for a school bus in Cedartown, when he was stuck by another school bus. Wyatt is reported to be in a critical condition at a hospital in Atlanta. He is currently on life support, but doctors have given the family reason to hope for the best.

There are no details about the accident, but it apparently occurred at about 7:30 in the morning when Wyatt was waiting for the bus. However, both Cedartown police and school officials agree that Wyatt was in the middle of the street when he was struck. Representatives for the Polk County School System say that the area where the accident occurred is a busy one.  There are a number of apartment complexes with neighboring schools, and consequently, plenty of child traffic.

My thoughts and prayers are with Wyatt and his family, and I hope that he makes it through this ordeal as quickly as possible. As an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer, I often see that pedestrian accidents are caused by a poor road layout that places a pedestrian at a disadvantage. Many of our cities have street plans that were designed keeping automobiles in mind, with the result that pedestrians and bicyclists are exposed to unnecessary dangers. Areas where there is heavy vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic are likely to see a higher rate of accidents. In most collisions involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, it's the pedestrian who has the highest risk of being injured severely or fatally.

Even something as simple as traffic lights or a stop sign can help slow down speeds, prevent accidents and reduce the risk of accidents.  Polk County authorities must look at the design and layout of the area where Wyatt was so seriously injured, and see if enhancements can be made to the design to protect other pedestrians.

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