Pre-Ride Bicycle Safety Tips

You can be a world-class cyclist and still get into an accident if your bicycle is not in top shape. In fact, by riding a malfunctioning bicycle you may be breaking the bicycle laws in Georgia. Before you go out for a ride, check your bicycle for defects, wear and tear, and any other problems that could cause an accident or injury while you're out riding

Get Going with this Bicycle Safety Checklist!

Start with a visual check and make sure the chain is intact. Next, look at the tires.

  • Are they properly inflated?
  • Do they have any bulges?
  • Do you see any tears?
  • Are there any objects stuck in the treads?

Check that you have reflectors on the front and back along with a headlight and see that they are all clear and functional.

Get on your bike and wiggle the seat to ensure it is adjusted properly and secure. Test the brakes while you are still in your driveway or a low-traffic area, they should stop your bike quickly and smoothly. Spin the pedals to ensure they move easily and do not shift side-to-side. Wiggle the handlebars to be certain they respond securely and do not feel too loose or too tight.

Double check the chain to see if it needs any lubrication and look for any rusted or frozen links. Replace the chain if it is broken, rusted, frozen, or if it is too tight or too loose. Clean your chain regularly to prevent these issues. While adjusting the chain, check the spokes to make sure they are all still secure in place and unbroken.

A Broken or Damaged Bike is A Hazard to Riders and Others Nearby

If your bicycle and safety equipment are not in good shape that can put a rider at a disadvantage even before s/he leaves the driveway. Make sure your bike is in top condition to give yourself the best chance of having a safe ride and reducing your risk of a bicycle malfunction that could cause an accident.

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