Atlanta Child Bike Accidents Because of Motorist Negligence

When children are young, they are happy to ride their tricycles up and down the sidewalk in front of their house, but as they get older, they face more complicated biking challenges that may cause them to be hurt in a bike accident and suffer child injury. Many times, these accidents are caused by motorist negligence. An Atlanta child injury attorney can fight for your rights if your family endured tragedy at the hands of a negligent driver.  

Though bicyclists of been on America's roads for more than a century, the relationship between motorists and cyclists has never been as harmonious as it should be. While most states recognize bicycles as vehicles that have the same rights to use the road as motor vehicles, not all motorists seem to agree. 

Our car-centered culture leads many to think that bikes really do not belong on the road and that they are an annoyance to drivers. This has led to some drivers failing to take safety measures to protect cyclists, and this can end up having dangerous or deadly consequences. 

It's important to teach traffic safety to older children and teens who plan to ride their bikes on the road, even if they'll be riding with parents. It's also imperative that parents don't take a child out on the road until they're old enough to understand safety rules and to control the bicycle they are riding. 

Despite a parent’s best efforts, and the child's cooperation, motorist negligence can cause children to be hurt in a bike accident. When this happens, parents should contact an attorney to learn about their options. 

Contacting an Atlanta Child Injury Attorney 

If your child has been hurt in a bicycle accident through someone else's negligence, call the Law Office of Jason R. Schwartz. We're here to answer your questions, evaluate your case, and fight for the compensation you're eligible for. Contact us at 404-474-0804.

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