Settlement Would Move Brain Injury Patients from Nursing Homes

Posted on Jun 04, 2008
As many as 2,000 Massachusetts nursing home residents with brain injuries would gradually move into homes in the community under a proposed settlement of a lawsuit that alleges the state leaves too many people trapped in institutions in violation of federal law.

Advocates said Monday’s settlement could mean greater freedom for the estimated one-quarter of the state’s 8,000 brain-injured residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers who are capable of living on their own or in a group, with some nursing assistance.

"I think their quality of life will certainly be improved, and when that happens, your physical and mental health also improve," said Arlene Korab, executive director of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, and mother of Kevin Korab, a 42-year-old brain-injured man who successfully lives in a Dartmouth home with another disabled man.

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