Posted on Feb 27, 2018

Atlanta comes in at the top of quite a few different lists. We are home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport. We have the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, the Varsity. And according to a new report by transportation analytics company, INRIX, we also have the tenth worst traffic in the entire world and the fourth worst in America.

Which American Cities Have More Traffic Congestion Than Atlanta?

Only San Francisco (#3), New York City (#2), and Los Angeles (#1) suffer more bumper-to-bumper jams than we do. We spend an average of 70 hours a year during peak hours staring at the backs of the nonmoving cars in front of us. Even people in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Boston, and Washington DC have it better than we do.

Which Cities Have the Worst Stop-and-Go Traffic in the World?

Only nine cities on this planet endure more total time in road congestion than Atlanta. These cities are:

  1. Los Angeles, CA with 102 hours
  2. Moscow, Russia with 91 hours
  3. New York, NY with 91 hours
  4. Sao Paulo, Brazil with 86 hours
  5. San Francisco, CA with 79 hours
  6. Bogota, Columbia with 75 hours
  7. London, UK with 74 hours
  8. Magnitogorsk, Russia with 73 hours
  9. Yurga, Russia with 71 hours

How Do Congested Roads Hurt the Economy?

A recent Atlanta Patch article says that being stuck in traffic cost the United States $305 billion in 2017 alone. The $305 billion figure represents both the direct and the indirect costs of these jams. Direct costs are the wasted fuel and unproductive time. Indirect costs address things like companies raising the price of goods because of delivery trucks being stuck in traffic.

On a local scale, our road congestion costs the average Atlanta driver $2,212 a year and creates economic losses of more than $7 billion a year for our city.

It is interesting to note that while Los Angeles has the worst stop-and-go traffic in the world (102 peak hours a year), this condition costs the average LA driver ($2,828) and the city ($19.2 billion) significantly less than the jams in New York City. NYC is second-worst in the US and third-worst in the world at 91 peak hours a year, yet this phenomenon takes $2,982 from the wallet of the average driver and costs the city $33.7 billion.

How Can Traffic Jams Affect You?

While traffic jams are frustrating and can cost you money, they can also place you at an increased risk for injury from a car accident.

Traffic jams often prompt drivers turn to their cell phones to look for an alternate route, call and let someone know they are running late, send text messages, or check their emails or social media. These distracted drivers can cause catastrophic or even deadly accidents.

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