Atlanta Truck Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer - $62.7 M Settlement

Posted on Oct 08, 2010
A nearly $63 million settlement was reached Thursday in a lawsuit filed after a tractor-trailer driver slammed into a line of stopped cars on the Oklahoma turnpike and killed 10 people.  The settlement was reached with relatives of eight victims. Their lawsuit alleged the trucking company failed to properly train and supervise the driver before the June 2009 crash in Oklahoma.  The $62.7 million agreement was announced as prospective jurors waited to be questioned for trial.  Ricardo Reyes, whose parents were killed in the crash, said the settlement should serve as a warning to truck operators nationwide to improve their driver training and safety programs.

"Business as usual is not worth the risk," said Reyes, of Phoenix. "This is a terrible tragedy. This is something that didn't need to happen."  The lawsuit alleged that Creed left Springfield, Mo., around 3 a.m. on the day of the crash and had worked continuously before the 1:16 p.m. accident.  The silver lining in this tragedy, if there is one, is that the company has re-examined its driver training and safety programs.

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